Visiting Tips

Visiting Tips The following brochures were developed by our Recreating Department – individuals who have been visiting residents at Inglewood for years and have come up with strategies to make the time spent quality time:

    Download: March 2017 Calendar – Manor

    Download: March 2017 Calendar – Lower Terrace

    Download: March 2017 Calendar – Upper Terrace

    Download: March 2017 Calendar – Lodge

    Download: Visiting Tips

    Download: Simple ways to connect when you visit someone with dementia

Degree of Intervention Upon admission, the nurse and your doctor will wish to discuss with you your family member’s “Degree of Intervention”. This form is a directive on the resident’s chart which provide our staff with the resident’s wishes should there be a drastic change in their health condition (ex sudden collapse, heart attack). Please take a few moments to read this booklet which explains the various options available at Inglewood:

    Download: Degree of Intervention Booklet