Online Resources and Books

Online and Book Resources

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there if you begin to look for it.  We have compiled this list of recommended resources as many of them are Canadian and offer up to date information. 

Books about Family Caregiving:

Nursing Homes: The Family’s Journey.  A guide to making decisions as a family, choosing a facility, and getting the best possible care. By Peter S. Silin. (BC Resource, 2001)
Parenting Your Parents.  By Bart Mindszenthy & Michael Gordon, MD. (Canadian Resource, 2005 )
Coping with Your Difficult Older Parent.  By Grace LeBow and Barbara Kane. (USA, 2002)

Books about Dementia/Alzheimer Care:

Learning to Speak Alzheimers. By Joanne Koenig Coste. (USA, 2004) Gentlecare. By Moyra Jones.  (BC, 1999) The 36-hour Day. By Nancy L. Mace and Peter V. Rabins. (USA, 1991) The Reluctant Caregivers: Learning to Care for a Loves One with Alzheimer’s. By Anne Hendershott. (USA, 2000).

Online Resources for Caregivers

Health Authority Information:
      Vancouver Coastal Health – Health Services for Seniors:
      Vancouver Coastal Health – Residential Care Facilities:

Alzheimer Disease and Dementia Resources:
      The University of Waterloo’s Murray Alzheimer Research and Education program developed guides for individuals with Dementia by others with dementia.  There is a series on topics ranging from ‘Enhancing Communication’, to ‘Enhancing Wellness’ to ‘Tips and Strategies for daily living’.  These guides are very user friendly and can be ordered online for a nominal fee:
      Alzheimer Society of B.C.:
      The Dementia Journey:

Caregiver Support and Networking:
Family Caregivers Network Society of B.C.:
Vancouver Coastal Health Caregiver Support Program:
Vancouver Coastal Health Caregiver Web Resources – very comprehensive list:
      Diamond Geriatrics of B.C.:
      Family Services of the North Shore:

Government/Financial & Decision Making Information:
      Federal Government Seniors Information:
      Public Guardian and Trustee of B.C.:
      Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry (information regarding Health Care Decision Making and Representation Agreements):