Inglewood Family Council

The Inglewood Family Council is a volunteer group of family members, friends and/or representatives of Inglewood residents, and community members just like you. Most members of Council have a family member or friend presently living at Inglewood Care Centre. The focus of the Council is to act as an advocate for all residents – especially those residents who are unable or have no one to speak on their behalf. The Family Council meets monthly from September to June. Members of the Inglewood Management team attend and participate in these monthly meetings. MISSION: Family Council will:
  1. Improve the quality of life for all residents.
  2. Provide a forum for family members to share experiences, learn and exchange information.
  3. Work with families and the staff at Inglewood Care Centre to identify and resolve issues that affect residents’ quality of life.
  4. Support the development of excellent relationships between Inglewood and the community, government authorities and health care agencies.

How Can You Contribute? – Join Family Council!

Inglewood Family Council comprises 12 members; a President, Vice President and Secretary and up to 9 members-at-large. Members attend 10 regularly scheduled meetings between September and June. Council members plan, promote and host information sessions that may include guest speakers; Inglewood Management and Staff and other relevant speakers on topics of interest. The term of membership is usually 2 years. Council membership provides significant benefits! Get to know managers and staff and better understand Inglewood’s homes and operations. Learn about effective strategies for coping with the challenges of caregiving and, apply your unique skills and talents to improve the well-being of the Inglewood community. Download: Our Brochure Download: 33 ways families are making a difference at Inglewood

Family Council Information Sessions

The Committee organizes bi-annual Education Nights for families on a range of topics – from palliative care to dementia to communication strategies in long term care. Experts from the field are invited as guest speakers. These Education sessions are open forum and questions and discussions are encouraged. The goal of the sessions is to provide helpful strategies to family members along their journey and also to foster connections amongst family members. Family Council organizes and promotes a minimum of two Information Sessions for families annually. Topics covered have included Dementia Care, Para-Professional Services for residents; Inglewood Staff presentations including nursing, recreation, dietary, rehabilitation and palliative care. We welcome suggestions from family members on topics of interest and guest speaker recommendations.