Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an essential part of the services offered to residents at Inglewood. The philosophy of the Volunteer Program is to enhance the quality of life of the residents and to enrich the social environment of the facility. Volunteers provide opportunities for residents to participate by leading programs such as the Writers Group (which celebrated it’s 13th anniversary recently) and discussion groups such as Viewpoints. The volunteers also increase the number of social contacts by bringing their skills, talents and energy to Inglewood. The volunteers have a very different role compared to the medical and care staff. They never replace staff or their work. Their role is social in nature. Approximately twenty-five volunteer assignment descriptions are presently in use. The types of activity happening seven days a week at Inglewood include: 1:1 visits:
  • Palliative Care visits
  • Reading resident their mail
  • Visits to residents who do not have family members
  • Providing residents with social support and listening ear
  • Pastoral visits
  • Sing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Dancing
Gardening Programs:
  • Gardeners to help out in Inglewood’s various gardens and patio areas
Meal Assistance:
  • Assistance with feeding residents who are no longer able to feed themselves (special training provided)
Operating the Tuck Shop:
  • Running the small store at Inglewood that sells chocolate bars, treats, Kleenex, hygiene items, greeting cards and stamps.
Recreation Programs:
  • Wide range of resident activities – help gathering residents, assisting with the activity and engaging with the residents (examples of special events, bowling, wii games, bingo, happy hours, birthday parties, luncheons)
  • Assistance on Bus Outings
Pet Visitors:
  • Visits from BC Pets and Friends and St John Dog Therapy Program
Inglewood currently has over 80 volunteers, many of whom have been coming to Inglewood for many years. All community volunteers go through an intake process to become a volunteer:
  • An interview
  • Fill out an application form and provide references
  • Read the volunteer manual
  • Attend a two and a half hour orientation and education session to be oriented to residential care and learn strategies for working with the older population.
We request a six month commitment because we want the volunteer, staff and residents to know and learn from each other. Volunteers are accepted at all times of the year. We prefer volunteers who are sixteen years and over. Critical to the success of any volunteer program is the assurance that each volunteer is valued, that each gains knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves in providing experiences that our beneficial to not only the residents, but also rich learning experiences for the volunteers themselves. When they need time away, it is given. Of equal importance, is assessment for risk on the volunteers’ role – volunteers are never put at risk for liability. They do not drive residents in their cars, they do no physical care, they do not lift or transfer residents and they are encouraged to ask questions if they need information. Regular volunteer appreciation events are held to show our volunteers how much we value their contributions. Volunteering with seniors can be an extremely valuable experience for individuals of all ages. A place like Inglewood would not be such a lively community without the support of our devoted volunteers.   CURRENT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: We currently are looking for volunteers in all areas of our volunteer programs. Opportunity also exists for volunteers to share a special talent they may have with our residents (magic shows, musical performances, flower arranging, storytelling, etc). Speak to the Volunteer Coordinator about your talent to see how it may be developed into a program for the residents at Inglewood. HOW TO APPLY: Step 1: Complete the Volunteer Application Form Step 2: Email the completed form to ejacks [at] inglewoodcarecentre [dot] com If you have any questions or require more information, please phone 604-913-4729 between 9am and 4pm